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 "I am riveted to my seat watching in wonder the enfolding performance.  An actress ... dressed in nondescript clothes, is seamlessly transforming herself on stage. ... Never, until tonight, have I been so moved ...  Great theatre …"
 EastSide (Cincinnati)

"... with Fischer's admirable performance, the audience's enjoyment of this soul stirring, uplifting piece of writing is assured."  - The Post Star (Adirondak Theatre Festival)

"Ms. Fischer has a lot of strengths, chief among them the truth that rings through ... her monologues ...  She also has a sure ear for down-home truism." - The Cincinnati Enquirer

"... a remarkable solo performance." - Harrison Press

"I am riveted to my seat watching in wonder the enfolding performance.  An actress … dressed in nondescript clothes, is seamlessly transforming herself on stage. … Never, until tonight, have I been so moved …"

- EastSide

"… Fischer does a remarkable job …" - Cincinnati City Beat at The Adirondack Theatre Festival

"Renaissance woman Lori Fischer - writer, composer, singer, actress - won over the . . .  house with a 90 minute show that amused and warmed in equal measure . . . Fischer is terrific." - The Daily Gazette

 What Ms. Fischer can do with all those characters, her admirable way with words and her music are all phenomenal ..." - The Chronicle

"The play is ... very funny.  The serious moments are poignant ... the music is not only pleasant, it serves a dramatic function.  Lori Fischer ... is an able actress who creates some vivid characters with the help of a few small props ..." - The Record (Troy, NY)

"... an elastic actress who finds truth in many forms." – Metroland


"The show's biggest asset is that the members of the trio - Ms. Murfitt, Mary Ehlinger and Lori Fischer - are as adept classical musicians as they are comic performers ... Ms. Fischer (has a) rich country folk voice ..." - The New York Times

"Wonderfully expressive." – Newsday

"Fischer is terrific." - The ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" ?Boston Herald

"The best singers are ... Coullet and Lori Fischer ..." - New York Post

 "Fischer is graceful, convincing and ingratiating in all of her songs." - The Advocate

 "Full of talent." - Bradenton Herald 

Violetat Playmakers Repertory Theatre

“Most of all, though, I loved Lori Fischer, who plays the title role (Violet) . . . it's left to this radiant actress to carry the show to glory.  And, she does, make no mistake . . . Fischer plays the scene magnificently.” - The News Observer?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" ?

“... (she) embodies this wonderful combination of fierce independence and vulnerability.  She manages to have her feet firmly on the ground . . . and at the same time she shows this fragility.  It's a beautiful combination. And, she's a tremendous talent.” - The ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" ?Chapel Hill News

“... (a) commanding presence …” - The Sandford Herald

“... a virtuoso performance ...” - Spectator Online

“Lori Fischer's luminous central performance would be reason enough to see Violet …” - The Triangle City Search

“... a heartfelt performance in which she conveys both Violet's strength and her vulnerability.” - The Daily Tar Heel

“There are some fine performances, particularly by Lori Fischer … poignant.” – Backstage

 “Fischer … brought a strong country style voice, a dry wit, and a captivating mountain accent to her role.  She additionally gave Violet an urgency that was always moving …” - In Theatre

"And boy, does Lori Fischer put a winsome cowgirl twang into "I want to be a Cowboy's Sweetheart" … I just loved hearing her warble those cowboy classics.”  - The Cincinnati Enquirer?

“Rich in warmth, humanity, humor, and generosity of spirit …” – Backstage

“When Fischer sings, and she has an incredible range of styles, she definitely is a contender.”Nashville Banner

“Several of the players are excellent – particularly… Lori Fischer as the real McCoy Yankee.” - Everybody's News

Pat the Bunny Sing With Me! Reviews
"The songs are great and very upbeat.  It is a must see for the Pat the Bunny fans.  I am definitely sold on this one." - Amazon.com customer review 

"The snappy, well crafted tunes have a positive and empowering you can do it theme." - Publishers Weekly

"Lori Fischer.  That's a name to remember because we'll be hearing more about this talented young lady in the future." - The Advocate News

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