Lori Fischer

Petie by Lori Fischer

An agoraphobic struggles to hide key details about her son’s death from her anti-social daughter (who is a cutter.)  Now, as the 10th Anniversary of the devastating day Petie was murdered by his mentally ill father approaches, this dysfunctional duo will either find new faith in each other or destroy the little bit of community they have left.

2017 Produced by Theatre East, NYC

2015 Received a reading at Lipscomb University

2015 Included in the King’s College New Play Reading Series

2013 Produced and starred in regionally at Duke Energy Theatre, Starving Artist Productions

2007 New York University Goldberg Playwriting Award Runner-up

2008 Nominated for the David Mark Cohen National Playwriting Award

2008 Kennedy Center ACTF Region II Festival

2008 KCACTF Region II Certificate of Merit recipient