Lori Fischer

Greener Pastures a comedy by Lori Fischer is a cross between The Odd Couple and The Golden Girls. My goal when writing the play was to provide great roles for hilarious, older actresses. It begins when a 38 year old children’s television show star gets fed up with her job, decides to retire from life and moves into a retirement facility. The problem is her 70 something roommate Maxine’s entire life, love and status quo are completely upended in the process. The play delves into friendship, loneliness and ageism with hope and humor as a backdrop throughout.

 Greener Pastures

NYU Thesis Professor Marsha Norman

2017 Produced at The Cumberland County Playhouse

2016 Finalist Florida Repertory PlayLab Festival

New York University, M.F.A. Thesis Reading, Public Theatre

Starring: Lois Smith, Lynn Cohen, Roberta Maxwell, Peter Francis James