‚ÄčLori Fischer

Lori Fischer/Statement of Teaching:
Helping a student find their artistic way/voice is incredibly rewarding.  Life can be quite hard on the artist.  That said, my classes are rigorous, but encouraging.  Actors and playwrights need to know what they are doing right and how they can improve.  They need a safe environment to express, fail, succeed, try again, rewrite, regroup and grow.  All of life is learning.  The main objective I have as a teacher is to motivate each student to take chances and excel.  Being able to bounce back from disappointments is also a very important life skill.  Each student has a unique talent, story and beauty.  If I were to boil down my teaching method/philosophy, it would go something like this.  Prepare, take big chances, be in the moment and remember the best thing you can bring to the table is yourself. To sign up for my online Spring 2018 Writing Compelling Characters class go to: https://www.playpenn.org/creating-compelling-characters/

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