Barbara's Blue Kitchen by Lori Fischer

​Set in a small town just outside of Nashville, this slice-of-life comedic play with music is a genuine look into the hearts of everyday people.  As the proprietor, Barbara Jean, tries to figure out “When is it courageous and when is it just plain crazy to hang on to love,” her customers come in and take a load off by sharing their funny, heartbreaking humanity.  There’s Miss Morris a nurse who’s planning a Pyramid prayer-time, Miss Tessie, a senior citizen who’s gonna make you laugh and steal your heart, a Tupperware brandishing, plate-dropping waitress named Jeanette, Lombardo—a country-singing hairdresser, Tommy Lee, who is recovering from a dog-bite and Melissa a mixed-up Mother of three.  Throughout it all, the wacky DJ from WATR, the local radio station, breaks in with local news, commercials about baldness and whole slew of quirky, unforgettable toe-tapping songs. For more info to to:


 “In fact, it’s a perfectly judged balance of flavors—exactly what you’d hope for in theatrical comfort food.”  Time Out New York, Helen Shaw

“Winsome and winning…alive with homespun charm.  In short, this countrified pocket musical is a little miracle of art and heart.”  TheatreMania, Barbara & Scott Siegel

“Funny stuff!   Wonderful!  You got to go see this show!”  WOR Radio, Joey Reynolds

“A slice of theatre as tasty and tangy as a piece of peach pie…Barbara’s Blue Kitchen:  this is a place where people actually eat together in community, rather than in their own separate worlds.”  Show Business, Amy Krivohlavek

“Sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, it’s a pleasure to spend time in Barbara’s Blue Kitchen.”  Traveler’s USA Notebook, Fern Siegel

“…A charming, whimsical look at the denizens of small southern town…makes for an entertaining evening.”  Chelsea Clinton News/The Westsider, D.L. Lepidus

“It’s a tasty down-home dish…”, Ron Cohen

“The charismatic Lori Fischer serves up a sort of down-home Bridge and Tunnel with Barbara’s Blue Kitchen…” HX Magazine, Tray Butler

“Like Greater Tuna and Steel Magnolias, Barbara’s Blue Kitchen, a play with music by and starring Lori Fischer, echoes the eccentric humor and pathos of former explorations into the human and humorous southern gothic landscape…a lovely variety of moods ranging from rueful to toe-tapping…” New York News, Alfredo Zelcer,  

“Ms. Fischer has a lot of strengths, chief among them the truth that rings through ... her monologues ... She also has a sure ear for a down-home truism. - The Cincinnati Enquirer

“…Wonderful, reminiscent of Garrison Keillor’s weekly monologue on ‘A Prairie Home Companion.’  It’s tinged with gentle humor, affection and wisdom.”   The Daily Gazette

“This is a show that will catch [the audience] by surprise.  It’s quite simply a delightful evening of entertainment.  People are going to come out of the theatre just feeling terrific.”  Cincinnati in the Park Prologue

“Perfection. …Great theatre…” East Side Life

“The playwright and actress herself is the intersection of seven memorable characters …it’s easy to see why people would want to hang out in her diner.”  Cincinnati City Beat

Lori Fischer

Barbara's Blue Kitchen 

Music and lyrics by Lori Fischer

Vocals: Lori Fischer and Daniel Black

Fiddle: Emma Bartley

Guitar: Jonah Folsom

Bass: Tony Greco

Piano: Jo Lynn Burks

Producer: Russ Long

  • Love is Slippery0:56
  • Barbara's Blue Kitchen (Commercial)2:17
  • Love Coming Through3:08
  • Women Aren't Supposed to go Bald (Commercial)0:36
  • Jeanette4:26
  • Carl's Carpets (Commercial)0:17
  • I Want My Kidney Back0:54
  • Chess Pie1:07
  • How Many Pieces of My Heart3:05
  • Blue Wing'd Butterfly2:08
  • Can You Hear Me?3:16
  • Let's Fall In Love for a Little While0:48
  • Hornswaggled0:16
  • God Allows U-Turns (Commercial)0:40
  • Mom Doesn't Know It3:52
  • If You Won't Take Care of My Fish Will You at Least Take Care of My Heart (While I'm Gone)3:20
  • Blue Wing'd Butterfly Reprise2:42
  • Barbara's Blue Kitchen Reprise1:29