‚ÄčOTHER NEWS: My (and my co-writer Don Chaffer's) musical The Sparkley Clean Funeral Singers was recently produced at Cumberland County Playhouse, has been recorded and is getting published by Samuel French!  Don Chaffer and Lori Fischer's The Sparkley Clean Funeral Singers CD is now available for purchase! 

And my feature film Chasing Taste will be available on iTunes and Verizon FIOS starting August 12th!

My Creative Writing Classes Online start up online at NYU SPS in October. To sign up for my Getting into the Writing Habit class go to: https://www.sps.nyu.edu/professional-pathways/courses/WRIT1-CE9780-getting-into-the-writing-habit.html

or for my Writing Great Characters class go to: https://www.sps.nyu.edu/professional-pathways/courses/WRIT1-CE9224-writing-great-characters.html